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Newest Addition to AGF Marketing Team

Greetings, AGF friends -

Pleasure to meet you all and excited to begin contributing to this very inspiring blog!

My name’s Sophia and I’m a new addition to the multi-talented, AGF Marketing Team. With a background in Marketing, Branding and Fashion Merchandising, I’ve worked in various creative environments from retail, fashion magazines, commercials, film and a design studio. More than anything, I really love collaborating with fellow passionate individuals to bring innovative ideas to life. When I'm not working, I'm often found spending time with my darling husband and two beagle puppies, dancing to disco music, swooning over the latest Gucci fashion show or cooking something spicy! 


Since sewing is definitely a main focus here at AGF, I’m super eager to start using a thread and needle again to create! There's something so satisfying when you're rolling up your sleeves and creating with your own two hands. It creates such an irreplaceable, special connection with the piece of work. Textiles have always been a huge inspiration to me, and my mind immediately translates them into countless possibilities of handmade garments and accessories. However, I’d like to “push the needle further” and start envisioning quilts! Thanks to Meli's guidance, I will eventually be creating my first quilt block along with some of the other girls here at AGF. Can't wait!

Do you remember what it was like making your first quilt block? Any tips to remember before or during the process? Feel free to post your advice in the comments, below. I’m all ears!

Looking forward to many fun projects ahead while learning with every single one of you!

Keep creating,


DIY English Paper Piecing Pendant Tutorial

Hey everyone!

How ya doin’? Do you ever get those moments when you want to make something but you don’t have much time to spend on it? I completely know the feeling! From work, to chores, and spending time with the family, sometimes it can be difficult to find some “me time.” In my opinion, one of the best ways to conquer creativity with other tasks is by making small projects that only take a few minutes.

Epp necklace tutorial pinterest
I’ve paired up with my colleague Elisa from our production department to show you how to make a quick and easy EPP necklace. Making this necklace was such a fun way of combining EPP techniques with our new Printemps Fusion and Pure Elements solids to create something quilty you can wear. Follow the steps below to see how you can make your own version.

What you’ll need:


  • EPP templates (download here)

  • Scissors

  • Fabric

  • Thread

  • Needle

  • Jewelry Making Cable Chain (size depends on how long you want the necklace)

  • Jewelry Side Cutters

  • Open jump rings 

  • Small Jewelry Lobster Clasp

Step 1

Step 1-baste the templates

Print template on cardstock and cut out the hexies. Place hexie templates on fabric and trace the hexies about ¼” from the edge of the template. Fold in the edges and baste the fabric around the hexie template.


Step 2


Once you’ve basted all of your hexies, place the hexies face to face and sew them together at the edges to create the desired shape for your pendant (for this project we’re going to keep the paper inside out hexies to make the shape of the pendant sturdy). We recommend making 2 of the same pendant shapes so that the pendant can be double sided.

Step 3

Step 3-sew the edges 2

Place both pendant shapes “back to back” and sew all around to secure.

Step 4

Cut your chain in the desired length you want the necklace to be. Puncture a small hole at the top of your EPP pendant with a pin and attach a small ring (it’s called an open jump pring). Press the ring closed with the pliers. String the chain through the pendants ring and use a second jump ring or attach a jewelry lobster clasp to close the necklace.


Fusions Printemps Top Freshly Picked 6

You’ve made an EPP necklace!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tutorial! Let me know what you think in the comments and tell me all about the projects you’ve made with EPP techniques.


Till next time!



Listen While You Sew

Hi There, Makers!

Hope you're having a fabulous week, creating lots of new projects!

I’m always curious in hearing how others go about their creative process, especially when it comes to what they listen to while they’re working on a sewing project. Is it the sound of crickets outside, classic rock music, a favorite movie playing in the background or perhaps it’s a podcast? In recent years, I have found myself listening to podcasts while working on projects. I really enjoy the unexpected topics they cover, and that magical human connection that they create.

I always enjoy learning about the sewing industry and these podcasts are perfect for that! You just never know when inspiration or insight will come knocking at your door. Without further ado, here’s my Top 5 Favorite Sewing Podcasts:


  1. Modern Sewciety


Fellow, Florida native “Stephanie” began sewing when she had her first child in 2007. With a genuine, sweet Southern charm, she chats it up with creatives in the sewing industry, shares latest tips and trends, and also focuses on quilting, business and marketing. One of our designers, "Dana Willard" recently did an episode with her! 

  1. While She Naps:


Harvard graduate “Abby Glassenberg” is an incredible author and interviewer. Her podcast covers topics from the home sewing industry and creative entrepreneurship with a focus on craft publishing, the creative process, fabric manufacturing, feminism and social justice. Oh and you guessed it, another one of our designers, "Mister Domestic" was recently interviewed by Abby!

3. Love to Sew Podcast


Hosted by the fun, genuine and empowering duo, “Helen Wilkinson” and “Caroline Somos,” their podcast covers a great deal of sewing handmade wardrobe, the uses of different fabrics and their advantages, small business, interviews with inspiring sewists, and sharing their daily revelations, as two creative entrepreneurs.

  1. Sit & Sew:


"Stephanie Soebbing" started quilting one day because “she was bored.” Since then she’s built a very strong quilting community by creating “Quilt Addicts Anonymous.” On her podcast, Stephanie often picks the brains of renowned designers and it’s extremely fascinating to listen to some of most inventive creators in the business.  

  1. Crafty Planner


Wonderful interviews by host “Sandi Hazlewood” who was trained as a city planner and then transitioned to eventually become the first president of the "San Diego Modern Quilt Guild." She has a knack for asking the right question while remaining quiet during those “magical interview moments” where the storytelling just organically unravels.  

Bonus! American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast


For all the quilt lovers out there, host "Pat Sloan" is extremely passionate about quilt making. As a quilt designer, author, fabric designer and teacher, her passion carries into her interviews that revolve around quilt inspiration, fabric selection, design, patterns, and machine quilting tips.  From beginner to advanced levels in quilting, Pat has something to share with everyone. Last but not least, one of our designers "Sharon Holland" also did a very recent interview with her this week!

Do you listen to (sewing) podcasts? What are YOUR favorites? Please feel free to share in the comments.

Until next time, keep creating!

- Sophia

5 Tutorials for National Quilting Day

Hello Makers!

I hope everything is great! The weekend is here so it’s the best time to grab your sewing machine and work on all your WIPs. Better yet, you can even go visit your LQS because Saturday, March 17th is National Quilting Day! Yes, you read right… it’s a special day to celebrate the art of quilting.

National Quilting Day happens every third Saturday in March as a day to recognize quilters, along with the time, effort, and love that is put into each quilt that’s made. To help you celebrate this day with a bang, here are 5 quilting tutorials that will bring your sewing to the next level. Check them out!

Quilting tutorials


1. Linking Block Tutorial

In this tutorial our host Meli will teach how to make this beginner friendly block that showcases the fun prints from Day Trip fabrics by Dana Willard. Visit the coinciding blog post to see how you can turn this block into an awesome quilt.

2. AGF Stitched Hideaway Quilt

Have you been dying to sew your little ones something with the cute panel from our Nest Capsule collection? No worries, our friend Kimberly from Fat Quarter Shop will teach you how to make the Hideaway Quilt in her newest episode of AGF stitched. To see the different versions other makers have made, visit the Fat Quarter Shop blog.  

3. Improv Flower Block by Mister Domestic

We all know that when it comes to quilting, accurate measurements and precise sewing is essential. Well, in this tutorial Mathew lets loose and shows us that sometimes you don’t have to be tied down to guidelines to create a masterpiece.

4. Binding with Mister Domestic

If you’re a beginner to quilting, we understand that binding a quilt can be a grueling task. But don’t worry, Mathew will make this tedious task easier with his easy machine binding lesson.  

 5. Ironing Tips to Improve Your Sewing

Last but not least, here are some ironing tips that can help your projects look crisp no matter what you sew.


I hope you’ve found all of these quilting tutorials useful! In honor of National Quilting Day, let me know in the comments how long you’ve been quilting and what you love about the craft.


Till next time,